Deleted Scenes

Kinder. Episode 311.

What are some different ways make 10? See how Mrs. Gray uses the Counting Buddy Sr. to find different combinations of numbers!

1st Grade. Episode 311.

What’s shorter than YOUR foot? See how Mrs. Markavich compares the lengths of objects and see if you can play along!

2nd Grade. Episode 311.

Learn the names of fractions by partitioning rectangles into halves, fourths and thirds!

3rd. Episode 311.

See how two popular fraction tools – fraction tiles and number lines – relate to each other in this side-by-side comparison.

1st Grade. Episode 312.

Draw four school supplies with Mrs. Markavich and practice comparing the lengths of these objects in relation to the other objects.

2nd Grade. Episode 313.

Fractions and time collide in this episode, but it’s actually pretty easy! Watch how Mrs. McCartney reminds you about drawing in the minute and hour hands, and then shows you how to use the terms quarter past, half past, and quarter till! 

Kinder. Episode 314.

See how Mrs. Gray solves word problems with concrete manipulatives! Using comparison bars and a 10-frame, she can figure out how many friends are hiding in the tent on our camping trip!

1st Grade. Episode 314.

Mrs. Markavich is having trouble measuring! See why units are important and how to make sure you get an accurate measurement!

2nd Grade. Episode 314.

Help Mrs. McCartney read the analog clock and write the time in a digital format!

3rd Grade. Episode 314.

Mrs. Askew leads us on an Estimation Exploration – is that fraction too low, too high, or just right? Apply your number sense and find out!

Kindergarten. Episode 315.

Learn how to play the extension activity – Race and Trace – with Mrs. Gray!

1st Grade. Episode 316.

Work though Professor Barble’s step-by-step visual model process with Mrs. Markavich to solve a pretty tricky additive comparison problem!

3rd Grade. Episode 316.

A classic Math Mights question! Test your understanding of fractions to see if you can figure out which one doesn’t belong!

1st Grade. Episode 317.

Help Mrs. Markavich match a visual model to the correct equation.

Kindergarten. Episode 402.

See if you can use your Counting Buddy Sr. to build this number linearly, and then build it with place value cards. Don’t miss the connection between showing teen numbers with the two modalities!

1st Grade. Episode 403.

In this first grade number talk, practice using D.C.’s strategy of decomposing and composing to add these two numbers in your head!

1st Grade. Episode 318.

Now that you know all about money, test your skills in a real-world situation by going to the store! Take your dollar to the store and see what you can get!

1st Grade. Episode 404.

Use what you know about triangles to help Mrs. Markavich build a new shape from smaller shapes!